Cinnamon Lounge - Garden area Enjoy delicious dishes in outside seating area with heating provided.
Cinnamon Lounge garden seating your perfect place for dining.
Outside Seating
Cinnamon Lounge GENUINE INDIAN DISHES Modern eclectic Indian dishes.
Made Only with fresh herbs and spices
Best In Town


Indian Restaurant

Indian food has evolved to suit eclectic contemporary tastes. Cinnamon Lounge prepares elegantly simple food that is perfect for your dining. Modern eclectic Indian dishes. Only fresh herbs and spices. No food coloring. Light creations made from fresh and pure organic ingredients. Party food as exotic as your occasion.

Sunday Buffet

From 23rd May’21, will be resuming much awaited Sunday Buffet service.

Come and enjoy the Lunch Buffet on Sunday – freshly prepared dishes ranging from salads, starters and very high in demand the Dum-Biryani.

Timings: Sunday, 1pm start

To know more click here or call on 020 8560 8995

Cinnamon Lounge

Garden Seating

New Garden Seating now open from “12th April’21“.

From 12th April’21, we are welcoming you to our newly opened Garden Seating area. Heating is provided in the area.

Enjoy your food with your friends and family in the area.

To reserve your place please call on 020 8560 8995 or use the reservation form
Table reservation

Cinnamon - Garden Seating

Biryani Offer

On Mother’s Day, 14th March’21, we have biryani offer.

Family pack Chicken dum biryani for £30.

Family pack servers for four members.

Kindly order on telephone 020 8560 8995.

We are open all on Sunday, 14th March’20, to take your orders.


Cinnamon Lounge

Chef Shameem is the quiet inspiration behind Cinnamon Lounge. Widely recognised for his creative excellence, passionate expertise and stunning originality, Shameem trained as an award winning chef in the 5 Star Oberoi hotel in India. He also holds a hotel management degree which sets him apart among chefs in terms of a superb sense of delivery, quality and style. Today he is responsible for the success behind the renowned Origin Asia in Richmond and Pappadums in Brentford, where he worked as Head Chef, and now for his own beautiful restaurant in Isleworth, West London.


Won Awards

Chef Shameem has won many awards and is recognized for his ability to prepare and deliver some of the finest new Indian cooking around today. His guest list speaks for itself.
We like to keep things simple, but exceptional and we pride ourselves on our reputation for warm, world class service and the little touches that make the difference.


Cinnamon Lounge. A Jewel in West London

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